The Day After ...

February 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

... the storms, I went down to the pier.  

We had 3 successive storms march through the area in a week or so.  Supposedly they brought high surf. My camera gear was gathering dust and I was feeling a little "rusty," and desperate to take some pictures. Why not shoot the "high" surf?  OK, off I went down to the Manhattan Beach Pier.

I've never taken any but "Under-the-Pier" shots are common. they are often taken in low light on a tripod with a slow shutter speed to create the effect of a smooth, waveless ocean. I was trying for a different look.  

Here's my first shot:


This is the same shot but with a vertical (portrait) orientation and a larger wave breaking as it headed to the beach: 


I wasn't terribly impressed with the size of the waves under the pier so I went up top and took this image of one of the pier's light posts. I included the Sun looking for the "star-burst" effect. I got it, but I also got this interesting bubble like effect. I'm not sure why the lens acted this way. But I like it:


Of course there is the requisite wide angle shot of the waves:


They weren't so big ... maybe it was low tide?


Back at the computer, I converted one of the shots from under the pier to black and white. It's my favorite!


I think I should have gone earlier in the storm cycle! 

Thanks for looking at my little journey to the beach. I hope you enjoyed it.

Bye for now,



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