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The iPhone 6 Does Vegas!

January 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It has been nearly 20 years since my last trip to Vegas as a destination.  It's still full of glitz, lights, people, and smoke.  The gambling tables seemed much less busier than I remembered.  The minimum bet now at most of the black jack tables was $20.  We were there to see a Van Morrison performance.  He delivered!

I didn't want to lug one of the good cameras, and I've found a new camera app for the iPhone called "645 Pro" that I wanted to put to the test for the trip.


As I've implied Vegas is still Vegas, full of glitter ... even iPhone cases:


And the strip is still the strip ... lots of lights, lots of autos, lots of people:


I  enjoyed Bellagio's fountain show at night.  And, the new camera app did amazingly well in that environment:



It's always important to remember to look behind you when photographing ... I turned around and saw this framing of Caesar's Palace:


Something new to me was this thing. I'm guessing its function was that of a giant awning during the hot summer but this is Vegas so who knows?  It looked to  me like an Alien Space ship (And, hey what better place for an alien ship to land then here).


The view from underneath the space ship:


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!  What's this?  A close-up of a hanging lamp  ... it stayed in Vegas. :)


That's it for my short two day trip to Vegas. I think I'm good for awhile before I "need" to return. I hope you enjoyed this little peek using the iPhone 6S and the 645 Pro camera app.



P.S. If you want some control over your iPhone camera this app is a good one.  The iPhone still leaves much to be desired though for other than "casual" photography stuff.



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