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The End of The Season

September 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

An out-of-town friend and I wanted to do some shooting so we decided to try the Lotus flowers in Echo Park.  Yes, it is true ... the unofficial end of Summer is here. But, more to the point of this post, it is the end of the Lotus's flowering season. So this will be the last post of the Lotus field at Echo Park!  Do I hear cheering in the background?


After opening up, the flower slowly looses its petals. Many of the plants were at this stage:


There were, though, a few "buds" getting ready to blossom:


But, I spotted only one cluster of open flowers like this group of four:


Most  were single blossoms similar to this one. See the dried, brown pod on the right side? After losing all their petals, the center pod dries up like the one shown here, and eventually falls back into the water:


Speaking of water, I spotted this single petal floating in the water. Click:


And, I took this image ... I like capturing the imperfect reflection along with a part of the image that isn't a reflection ... reality and non-reality getting mixed together. Wouldn't a therapist like that ... sorting out reality from all the inputs we get! :)


Here's a beautiful white blossom:


And, a close-up of a similar flower:


The End ... two petals falling onto those large leaves floating just above the water:


Thanks, as always, for looking. I hope it wasn't too boring!



P.S. Don't forget to click on an image to see in enlarged!



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