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It's Fall Time!

October 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It's that time of year when the colors start changing ... almost everywhere except Southern California. I wouldn't be reminded of it except that two of the significant influences on my photography (Moose Peterson and Vincent Versace) by coincidence happen to be in Vermont and Maine showing images via Facebook.

The same two photographers were leading a workshop I was assisting at in Vermont in 2004 and it reminded me to go back and look at the archives. The images in this post are from that workshop.

I've shown this image before but it is my all-time favorite from the workshop. It isn't a bold and "look at me!" shot but a simple image that quietly tells the story. It was shot in color and converted to black and white (except, of course, for leaves). I hope you like it:  


Walking down the street the main street of a small village, I came across a restaurant. I'm a sucker for windows ... click!


And, I moved a little closer and re-framed the shot ... click!


This picture was taken atop a little hill looking down on a village hidden under the foliage. The white steeple stood out like a sore thumb:


The same church and steeple taken later in the day and up close:


And a different steeple taken at a different village:


One early morning, we were out in the countryside. 


Now  you know where we were:


I didn't think of Vermont as being mountainous ... it is but not like the Western USA mountains. A little early morning ground fog, soft red light, a green pasture with some diary cows and a pond to reflect it all ... Oh boy, click!


A closer view of the colors as they began to change:


And, lastly, another favorite; reflections of color in a nearby lake:


We were bit early for the peak colors, but it was still really great to see and photograph.  I hope to do it again one day. 

As always, thanks for taking the time to look, feel, and comment!



P.S. I was using a "state of the art" Nikon camera back then (D2h). It captured an amazing 4 mega-pixels at 6 frames per second! By comparison, my iPhone 8 camera has 12 mega-pixels, and the current state of the art camera from Nikon has 46 mega-pixels at 9 frames per second! :(


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