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An LA Kind of Day!

November 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

We had visitors during the Thanksgiving week. One of the days I christened as an LA kind of day; the temperatures were moderate; a few clouds in the sky; no crowds; and little traffic; etc.

One of our guests had an interest in Marilyn Monroe so we decided to visit her grave site. It's located (along with quite a few other notables) in a very small graveyard amongst the tall buildings in Westwood.

As I often do, I grabbed a camera and lens ...


My normal "walking around" lens was at home (a good place for it, don't you think?) so I grabbed a 105 mm macro lens used for close up kinds of shots. I immediately spotted this bright orange-like bougainvillea bush. The texture of the individual petals in interesting:


I don't remember this shot, nor do I know what kind of flower it is ... but I liked it!


I came across this yellow rose with all the folded petals. They seemed to be competing with each other for shape and form:


Near the end, I spotted this tiny rose in good light and a great background:


I got a little closer.


And still closer for my favorite image from this outing.


It was a nice, quiet, little outing in the big city ... an LA kind of day that happens at just the right time every now and then.




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