Nature photography is my second career (the first one was in the computer industry). I've been at it now for a little while, and feel extraordinarily privileged to see mother nature at work.

While the site is primarily dedicated to wildlife and landscapes images, some of my other interests have sneaked into a few of the galleries ... primarily architecture, aviation, automobiles, etc. Be sure to check them out if you have interests in that area.

If you have followed my previous work (seen in the earlier galleries), welcome back. I hope to make the newer galleries much more fluid than those earlier galleries.

My goal for the site is simple ... it is to get you to feel a little of the awe, wonderment, and amusement that I felt the moment I pressed the shutter button on my camera.

As always, thank you for taking the time to peruse through these images!

Comments are always welcome via email ... send them to: Adam at