Some Old Friends

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Unlike most Angelenos, I'm comfortable and familiar with Downtown Los Angeles ... I worked there for 15 years and lived in a high-rise for two of those years. 

So, as I passed the center of town on my way home one Sunday, I suddenly decided to stop and visit old friends ... the weather was great; I was alone with time on my hands, and a camera in the back.   All of these shots were taken in a small area called Bunker Hill  ...  an area where the wealthiest and most influential lived during the late 1800's and early 1900's.  (You can see some very interesting old photos of Bunker Hill here:


The first three images are of the Walt Disney Concert Hall designed by architect Frank Gehry ... I watched its initial construction from the balcony of my high-rise apartment!



This image was taken from across the street from the main entrance:



I like this black and white image best of the ones I took that on this visit:



This is a new friend ... the Broad Museum of Art.  It's a brand new building located south of the Disney Hall on the same side of the street.  This view is of the corner where the side (right half of the image) meets the front of the building:



Another black and white.  This image is of the front of the Broad.  It may be my favorite of the shoot.



From across the street ... nothing says LA more than the three "roach" coaches lined up.  The first (Yellow banner) selling Hot Dogs. The second (Bool) selling Korean BBQ and Tacos! The third is selling Vegan Ice Cream ... only in Los Angeles!



These two buildings are part of the Wells Fargo complex.  The tower between the two is part of the Water Court complex located across the street.



Here's two towers (on the left) that comprise the "Water court."  



I love the light reflecting off the building on the bottom left:



The  Wells Fargo buildings are not rectangular.  I once had a desk on the 23rd floor at the very corner of the building looking west:



The reflections and angles from/and of these mammoth structures really intrigue me.  Add a little blue sky and some clouds ... Yippeee


It was a  short but enjoyable visit!  I hope you enjoyed it through the lens of my camera.




P.S.  Thanks for taking the time to look.



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