Old Friends Again

June 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

So I seem to be pulled to downtown Los Angeles lately.  In this first instance I was driving down the 10 Freeway on my way home when it came to a complete stop.  

In these situations, I almost always choose action vs sitting still so I exited the freeway intending to cross through the middle of town on the "surface" streets.  My route took me across one of the iconic old bridges crossing the Los Angeles river (Yes, yes, there is a river ... and yes, it is mostly concrete and mostly dry!).

My camera was lying on the seat next to me so I snapped this picture of Bunker Hill through the car window:


On the other side, I parked the car and walked back up the bridge.  I had spotted these cool street lights.  They don't make them like this anymore!


I walked a bit further up the bridge; took my life in my hands; crossed to the middle of the road to capture this shot.  It is visually very busy but I like the leading lines of the tracks and I was surprised at the colors.


I wandered around looking for a clean shot of the Bunker Hill buildings and managed (with a little help from Photoshop) to get this image:


A few days later, I'm driving down the same Freeway in a friend's new car.  He and Francine suggested an impromptu tour might be in order.  It was meant to be ... We found a rare parking spot.  Upon exiting the car, I saw this view of the tall buildings. It is unique because  we are standing below the  base of these structures:


The  next three shots feature various views of this building. In this one, I was highlighting the reflection of the taller building.


It's really a pretty simple structure, and that's what attracted me to this shot:


And here are the same two buildings shown in the first shot of this sequence but from a different angle.


My favorite image of the day, though, was this one.  It should fall down any moment now! Of course, the building sides are not at right angles to each other.


My impromptu tour will continue in the next blog entry with some images of the inside of a few very cool buildings.  As always, I appreciate the time you take to view these images.  

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