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Calla Lilies

April 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Better late than never ... I've been looking down at my next-door neighbor's beautiful Calla Lilies for a few weeks when a friend sent me a black & white photo of a Calla Lily taken by Imogen Cunningham.  She, one of the first professional woman photographers, was known for her black and white "flower" images.

It moved me to action, and after a quick email to my neighbor to get access, I managed to photograph a few images I liked.  

They were taken in the late afternoon.  The lilies were placed between the Sun and the camera (photographers use the term "backlit"). The flowers were in full sunlight. The very cool, totally black background came from the strong shadows of a tall fence about ten feet away.

This is a side view of one of the flowers:


A shot angled from slightly above:


Two flowers trying competing with each other ...


This flower was shot from below ... the flower acted as a shield of that big white ball (the Sun):


A portrait format shot looking down into the flower ... converted to a sepia-toned black and white image:


Twins? This is one  of my favorites.


The classic! It's the first image but cropped a bit and converted to black and white.


And, lastly, my favorite, another portrait oriented image with beautiful light.


Happy belated Easter and Passover!






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