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Let Me Count The Ways ...

February 27, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

... that I can photograph a group of tulips in a vase!

We received a bunch of tulips in vase marking the Lunar New Year. They came with the bulbs placed in a clear glass vase in water ... hydroponics in action!  And, sat on the table opposite a window facing south for about a week.  I took photos during that period on three different days from many different angles and with different light.  This post contains a few images that I liked.


First up, the classic landscape view with side light:


A portrait (vertical) view taken at the same time:


Another landscape view closer than the first, and with the flowers placed on the left side of the frame:


A closeup of one of the buds:


Several days later ... A Single blossom reaching out to the light source:


A flower fully open, in its last days and backlit (The source of light is behind the subject):


Another single flower reaching to the sun taken a day later in strong, bright, side light and sharp black and white background:


Another back lit blossom but taken directly behind the flower petals:


Very strong light with total black background shining on a single blossom:


And my favorite ... a square cropped back lit image of two blossoms:


All of the shots were taken during the morning before 8:00. The strength of the light varied substantially as the weather moved through the LA basin during that week. The first three, softer shots were taken on a completely overcast day. You can see how the quality and  source of light really changes  the  character of resultant image. That brings up the ever present and often asked question ... which of them best reflects reality? The answer, I think, is in the eye of the beholder.

That's it for this post. Thank you for taking the time to look. Comments are always welcome.

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