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Think cold!

August 10, 2017
I was looking at some photos from the photographer I consider my mentor... Moose Peterson. One of them reminded me of an image I took in Winter in Yellowstone on a photo...
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Bosque del Apache Part II

July 31, 2017
This is Part II of my posts on Bosque del Apache. It is a National Wildlife Refuge ( run by the Federal government located in New Mexico... O...
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Nose Art, or is it Knows Art?

July 24, 2017
"Nose art" is the term used to describe the "art" painted on the noses of many WWII planes. Often, it consisted of pinup pictures and the name of the airplane... frequent...
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The Magic of Photography

July 17, 2017
From Wikipedia: A still life is a work of art depicting mostly inanimate subject matter, typically commonplace objects which may be either natural (food, flowers, dead a...
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Rose Hills

July 12, 2017
I love to explore Los Angeles. I've lived here for at least 50 years (not all of it contiguous). And, much of that time, has been spent driving throughout the metropolita...
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