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The Ubein Bridge

February 02, 2018
You may remember photos I took in Myanmar of the a place called the UBein bridge. It is a 1.2 kilometer crossing that spans a lake. It was built around 1850 of teakwood t...
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"Hey, Look At Me Again!"

January 15, 2018
There were a few questions about the information in the last post... most revolved around two issues: why I shot so many images and why do I keep so many. The primary re...
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January 07, 2018
Leftovers! After spending some time looking at my 2017 images, I concluded that it wasn't my best photography year! I discovered: I actually photographed much less than...
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'Tis the Season

December 24, 2017
Best Wishes for the holiday season! I've been fascinated the last three weeks watching and snapping pictures of three Amaryllis plants as they budded into bloom and went...
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An LA Kind of Day!

November 29, 2017
We had visitors during the Thanksgiving week. One of the days I christened as an LA kind of day; the temperatures were moderate; a few clouds in the sky; no crowds; and l...
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