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Think cold!

August 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I was looking at some photos from the photographer I consider my mentor ... Moose Peterson. One of them reminded me of an image I took in Winter in Yellowstone on a photo safari in  2009 with him. So, I went searching for the image. It is this one ... as I recall, it was taken through the  window of the Track propelled "bus" we were one at a place called Geyser Basin. For me, it has kind of a soft dreamy feeling:



You know that Yellowstone sits atop a very, very, large caldera ... ie. lots of seismic activity like the geysers. In the winter, it seems like the entire park is filled with steam from them, but more than likely the heat from the vents causes condensation of the air... local fog?



This is an actual geyser erupting, but it is not the famous "Old Faithful" geyser. I converted it to black and white ... seems to make it even more dramatic:



Speaking of drama, Norris Basin was, for me, the most dramatic part of the park ... like being in another world. Dark clouds, steam vents everywhere, a glacial-colored hot pool, and snow. If an alien would have appeared out of nowhere, the picture would have been complete!



I got lots of cool shots (yes, pun intended) but one of my favorites is this very simple but detailed shot of a Bison walking by:


As you can see from these five images, the steam was a central ingredient everywhere!

Yellowstone in the winter is a magical place: minimal people, amazing landscapes, and wild animals. Yes, it  can be really cold but on this trip the temperatures hovered around 0 degrees F!

Thanks, as always, for looking!

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