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The Lotus ... Part II

June 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Landscape photographers want nice light.  They often refuse to take images during the harsh light of the middle of the day; preferring instead, the light at sunrise and sunset... the so called Golden Hours. But, as in all generalizations, there are exceptions. It is often possible to find soft light in the harshest of circumstances. Today's images are examples. They were all taken at 12:30PM on a sunny, hot day in Los Angeles' Echo Park.

The first image is of an all white lotus in full bloom. It's shielded from the sun's direct rays by neighboring plants:


And, another plant (but with red leaves) similarly situated:


I love the background colors on this image of a plant about to open its leaves. That cheery background makes for a happy image. It's a great example of how the background effects the image and sets the tone:


This is what's left of the stock after the leaves and center strings fall off. It reminds me of "ET phone home" movie!


A portrait orientation of a bud in nice light:


I've gotten interested in taking pics of the reflections of plants in water. This one I converted to black and white. Speaking of tone ... Do you like it? I bet most won't.


The Lotus plants are home to lots of different life: ducks, birds, bees, etc. Here's a Dragon Fly resting on a new bulb:


And, a close up of the leaves of a plant converted to Sepia:


Lastly, a perfect bulb in perfect light, with a perfect background! Probably the image I like best of this two part blog.


Who says you can't photograph outside at high noon! As with every generalization, there are exceptions. And, sometimes, they provide for the most exceptional opportunities. Photography is no exception ... yes, pun intended!

As always, thank you for indulging me and providing an opportunity to show my work!

Next time, a place in LA that I've never been to.

Until then, 



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