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Mostly iPhone Images

May 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

No doubt about it ... I have a love/hate relationship with my iPhone camera! On the one hand, its almost always with me. On the other hand, there are lots of circumstances in which it isn't very usable.

Take this first example, I was visiting the LA County Art Museum. We walked through the Peterson Auto Museum (it's across the street) and through its lobby. The Bugatti exhibit is still there and I snapped this image of a Bugatti shell hanging from the ceiling. I love the curved lines! 


When they remodeled the Peterson Auto Museum, they added a facade to the exterior walls. Here's what one side of the building looks like from across the street.


And, this is what that facade looks like from underneath:


I have offered ten dollars to people who could figure out what this next picture was ... no winners. Taken with my iPhone, it is the top glass cover of a fish tank. Bubbles (large and small) had collected on the underside of the cover. The red color ... provided by a fish swimming by!


The next image was taken with an iPhone at the San Gabriel Mission. The inset window with the bars is the bapistry. I converted the photo to black and white and "messed" around with it in Photoshop to give it a "charcoal" drawing or brush and ink kind of a feel. Something about the image appeals to me!


The last three photos were NOT taken with an iPhone!

Last year, as I was driving through the city, I discovered a small plot of land with growing Sunflowers. It looks like a very small garden center but there's no one there and it has always been locked up. Fortunately there is an adjacent parking lot from which I took these images: 


Isn't nature amazing? Look at the symmetry of the center of the flower!


My favorite:


Well, that is it for this post! As always, thanks for spending the time to look! Comments are always welcome.





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