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Memorial Day, 2017

May 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Memorial day is this coming Monday. (May 29, 2017).  It is a United States Federal Holiday to remember the people who died in the service of the country.  And, frequently, the US Flag (Old Glory) is used as the symbol of that service and the life given.

I've been a "watcher" of flags for a long time and almost never pass on an opportunity to take a picture of one!


Watch a flag in a wind for awhile ... It seems as if there's no two exact displays:


This picture was taken a small town in Vermont during the fall. The red leaves from the tree and red stripes from the flag combine in the reflection of the window. The flag is  paper-thin... not the first time it flew in that position.


For me, one of the most moving displays of flags was this next one. It isn't just a bunch of tattered flags stuck in the chain link fence of a poor, small, rural Catholic Cemetery in New Mexico.  No, it is the heart-felt, remembrances of the loved-ones of the fallen. 


Again, lest we forget; it is about the individuals who have given their lives in service ....


But that can get lost in this next shot ... I was late getting to the National Cemetery in Los Angeles and took it through a chain link fence. This place is always jerks me back to reality. In the aggregate, it is impossible to ignore the thousands and thousands of lives given in the service of the Country. 


It is a strange time in the US now ... I hope this adds just a tiny bit of reflection from you about our past and our common objectives for the future. 

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