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Big Bird Leaving

January 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Many of my bird images were taken at Bolsa Chica ecological reserve while standing about three feet above the water on a wooden bridge crossing a main channel.

The bridge provides a great photographic platform!  First and most important, the water birds have little or no fear of humans standing on the bridge so we get a close up ability not easily attained otherwise. Secondly, the bridge provides a shadow that fish like to use to hide out from their predators ... the birds. Big Bird, in particular, has no reluctance at diving for fish next to the bridge ... sometimes, when the action is heavy, splashing the unaware photographer!

Another unique advantage is that at sunrise, light streams under the bridge, bouncing off the water and casting a beautiful soft light on anything within a few feet of it ... leaving everything else in shadows.

All one has to do is patiently wait for a subject to float into that beautiful light.  On this morning, 12/01/2016, Big Bird floated around for a bit; decided there were no fish for breakfast; and left.  All the while, lit by this soft, gorgeous light from the rising sun!

Where are they?

Time to leave...

Two hops...


Three hops, and ...

See ya!


Thanks for looking!

Bye for now,




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