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Odds and Ends!

September 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It's "Odds and Ends" day, today.  I had a few additional iPhone 6s images that didn't make it into last week's blog.

First up is this shadow projected on the wall of a building along the River Walk in San Antonio. I liked the detail of the shadows being projected on the  wall.  You can see just a tiny bit of the grate running along the very top of the image:


We tried getting into the Alamo but it was closed.  Here's a shot of the outside with the Texas State flag flying on a State building in the background:


These doors were cool.  I liked the texture and "old" feeling they project:


Another shot taken standing in front of those doors and looking up:


Ready for a change of pace?  Ok, here goes ...


I was rummaging through the "shoe box" containing photos from Myanmar (Burma), saw this photo and said Whoa!  I think it was included it in one of the original blogs.  But, its worth looking at again.  It was taken from the porch of my hotel room at a place called Inle Lake. The Sun hadn't burned off the early morning overcast yet. The purple/maroon tones in the foreground are the reflection of a cloud overhead being lit by the sun.  I like the peacefulness of the scene.  


Speaking of Sunrise ... this shot of hot air balloons was taken from atop a temple in a fabulously interesting place called Bagan, Myanmar. At the time I took the shot, I knew the next morning, I'd be up there looking down ...


and, here's that view the next day!


That's it for this post.  Thank You for taking the time to look ... spending it (time) is one of the most important things we do!  BTW, these last three shots were taken 5 years go. 

Comments are always welcome.

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