Chasing the Light Part III

August 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This is the third and last part of Chasing the Light ... my tiny, tiny, exploration of shooting the Lotus in bright sun light.  The first image is another bud waiting to bloom thats situated in pretty strong light:


Here's a close-up of a single pale yellow blossom.  You'll see it again in the last image of this post.


I almost always do a loop around the lake.  This time was no exception and at the far end, I found light streaming through a dense area of tall brush and trees. It was falling on a white flower.  Since sharp shadows and strong light seemed to be the theme of the day, I took a series of shots.  I don't know their name (of course) so I called them the "Rising Sun" flower.  You'll see why in the second image.  


My favorite of the three "Rising Sun" shots:


And another:


Here's a Lotus flower situated in sharp shadows:


And, I close with my favorite shot of the adventure.  It's the same blossom shown in the second image but zoomed out a bit. I think seeing more of the background makes a big difference.  Your choice between the two would be?


Thanks for looking and for letting me explain my little exploration of a photographing in an environment where the light consists of strong contrasts in brightness and the dark... a situation that challenges most camera equipment!

Bye for now,





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