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Chasing the Light Part II

August 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This is Part II of Chasing the Light ... my very tiny adventure in looking for good light on the Lotus plants in Echo Park on a day when the Sun was out in full force.

Though it is unusual these days to see a black and white picture of a flower, I thought it worked in this case where a shaft of light was shining through the vegetation to land on this one blossom.  And, as you can see. the background of the three bulbs was quite dark.

For me, the black and white style gives some mystery to the image ... maybe a bit foreboding?


I liked the juxtaposition of the flowerless pod on the right and the blossoming lotus on the  left.  Again, the circles are light reflected off the water.  You often see this effect in movies and video. 


This image shouts simplicity ... a single bud in the corner of the frame.  Note that the only detail in the entire image is contained in about 1/3 of the  bud which itself takes up only 20  - 25% of the entire image.    


Oh, I like this image.  I hope you do, too!


Half of the petals of this Lotus are gone.  I should have framed the flower so that it was located on the left side of the frame.  Where it is located seems to create some tension.


Another shaft of light falling on the remains of a flower.  The white petals immediately draw your eye to the image.


I close with one of my two favorite shots from the shoot. There are only two items recognizable in the image but it is enough to immediately define the shot.  It is the Light that makes this image work.


I've got a few more images from the shoot that I'll share in the next post.  

Thanks, as always, for taking the time to look at the post.






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