Echo Park

June 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The Echo Park area of Los Angeles has always been one of  my favorites.  In recent years, the area has experienced a renaissance as the concept of liviing in downtown has grown in popularity, and, as you can see from this first image, Echo Park is next door.



I always enjoy the short walk around the lake ... really, one of the reservoirs for the city's water supply.  And this time, I stopped to see if the Lotus plants were out. Only a few were in bloom ... most were still in the bud stage.  But, the Lilies were in full bloom.


Here's to Monet:




But, its the images of the Lotus plants in bloom that interest me most.  This portrait orientation of a plant just before it opens is my favorite of the day. I like the slight hues of red and blue at the very bottom of the image.  


Unlike a lot of plants, the leaves of the Lotus are much larger than the flowers... and they shouldn't be ignored!



A close up of a bud just before it opens ... in the background is the outline of a bud not as far along in the process.


In terms of numbers, red flowers seem to dominate over the pure white images. 


Well, that's it for this post.  Hopefully, I'll get to Echo Park this week to watch the progress as the buds begin opening!


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