Buddy Reterns!

June 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I've nicknamed the Forester Tern photographed in the chase sequence "Buddy." Yes, I know its pure anthropomorphism, but it just seems to fit.  It's a cheeky little bird defending its territory. About a week after photographing the chase sequence in  the "It Works!" post, I was back at Bolsa Chica .  I was hoping Buddy would show up ... and sure enough  ...  while standing in the area where the chase sequence had taken place, Buddy came flying in for a momentary rest.  

I managed to pick up this four image landing sequence: 





Sorry,  I missed the actual touchdown!  I'm not very fluent in talking in Tern, but Buddy seemed happy to see me as he greeted with a very loud and long sequence of chatter!


Then he Terned tail and took off! He came back later and I managed to get this one image ... my best of the day, I think ... of another landing!


All in all, it was another interesting Tern of Events!  

Bye for now,



P.S.  You can thank my friend Marc M. for all these terrible puns ... he started it!  :)|




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