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Far Niente's Gingko's

December 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I spotted the line of Ginkgo trees even before we turned into the entrance to the Far Niente winery.  (They claim to be the oldest in the Napa Valley area... beginning in 1885. There's another, Buena Vista, also claiming the oldest title.)  Both have great wine, but Far Niente has something special ... a long driveway lined with Ginkgo trees. 

The number of leaves lying at the base of trees leads me to believe that I missed the peak, but still ...

The view from the center of the road at the entrance is pretty spectacular:


I moved to the right side and took this picture looking down the row of trees and included part of the vineyard: 


I think, though, I may like this vertical orientation better:


My favorite shot is the next. It was taken from the left side of the road:


But then again, this image taken on the way out, is a strong contender:


The grounds of the vineyard are also very attractive, but I was clearly smitten by the Ginkgo trees in color! They were one of the unexpected treats of my visit to Napa.

Thanks, as always, for your comments and your time.

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