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The Magic Bowl!

November 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I've continued to explore still life photography with the "arrival" of interesting food stuffs in the house.  As you can see, the first three images are of picturesque pears found in an Asian market.

Like all of my recent still life images, they were taken on a black dinning room table next to a south-facing window in the shadow of another building. Nothing could be more simple ... As photographer Vincent Versace might say: No photons were hurt in the creation of these images ...  the only light used came from a nuclear fusion occurring 93 million miles away!

Four Pears:


And a reflection:


A closeup taken with the pears inside the Magic Bowl:


Magic Bowl ... What's a Magic Bowl?  Well, it is the name I've given to the simple "empty" Pyrex glass bowl shown in the next image. You can see how the clear rim of the bowl lights up with a blue-green cast when its placed in the same light as the fruit shown in the first three images.


But here's the real magic! Look what happens when stuff is placed inside the bowl. Magic happens ... the bowl seems come alive with light:


A close-up of the light bouncing around inside the rim of the bowl:




And my favorite ... 360 degrees of light bouncing around the rim of the magic bowl ... encircling and highlighting those heirloom tomatoes!


Well, I've come to the end again ... another moment playing with, and exploring the magic of light.

I hope you enjoyed this little change-up. As always, thank you for spending the time to look and reflect ... yes, pun intended!


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