Myanmar Redux Part 4

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On this trip, it seemed like I didn't take a lot of "typical" landscape shots.  I think I was more focused on the people ... but we were out at dawn almost every morning and often had shoots at sunset!

This shot was taken in Bagan from atop one of those monuments you see in the image.  Sunrise is still minutes away:


And, here's the other end of a day photographed from a monastery situated atop a hill near Mandalay:


BTW, accomodations in Myanmar were excellent ... not  much different than a Marriott.  This is the entrance to our hotel at Inle Lake ... entirely built over the lake, and only reachable by boat.


And, this is the view from that dock looking out at the lake: 1/ 1250s, at f/9 || E.Comp:-4 / 6 || 24mm || WB: AUTO 0. || ISO: 400 || Tone: || Sharp: || Camera: NIKON D3on: 2011:12:15 20:29:37


Here is another landscape, taken from our van as we "sped" along one of their "superhighways" at 35 mph.  Seemingly Myanmar is very fertile, and has the climate to grow almost anything.


Most of the rice fields had been harvested but we stopped to take some shots of these.  I had visions of the highly-terraced, steep plots seen in photos from other countries but that wasn't the case.


We came across these two women working a field.  They had come via the oxen-pulled cart from a near-by village with child.  They had been working the field by using only hoes.  The oxen-drawn cart shared our superhighway (of course)! :)


Behind the image above was this hillside. In the lower right side of the image you can see some other workers in one of the fields:


Lastly, in our wanderings, we came across a warehouse containing some of the products from the fields:


This is the last Myanmar Redux post.  It's obvious by now that the Myanmar trip was a memorable one. I would encourage anyone interested in South East Asia to visit there. I hear that it is changing rapidly as it gets more integrated and open to the World.  

As always, thanks for stopping and taking a look.

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