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Late Fall in Napa / Sonoma

November 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I recently spent a few days in Napa, Ca.  For readers outside the USA unfamiliar with its geography, this is largest center of wine production in the country. It was past the peak of the fall colors but there were still many reminders.  Fortunately, I was hosted by my brother who lives in the area.  These first two images were captured as we entered the area.

The view from the parking lot where we ate lunch. The leaves are still on the vines ... but not for long:


Something about this shot appeals to me, but views like this are everywhere.  It was taken from the car at a stoplight as we waited for it to change.


Speaking of light, it was great. The air was crsip and clear and "color" everywhere I looked ... like this simple shot of pyracantha in great light that caught my eye:


or this red leaf in a tree:


And another tree filled with color:


And, of course, I had to stop and shot the early morning dew on a red flower: 


As you will see in the next post, not everything was red. Lots of yellows, too:


I'll end with a wide view from atop the high ground of one of the wineries we visited:


I'll show more from this winery along with another stunning site in Part II ... the next post.  

Thanks for looking.




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