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Myanmar Redux Part 3

October 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Do you remember these three men from the original set of posts on Myanmar? They were moving a man-made floating island from one part of Inle lake to another.  It was hot and hard work.  They started at Sunrise and explained it would most likely take them all day to get to the "parking" spot.  

Flat space around the Lake is at a premium, so over the centuries, they have created floating islands on which to grow produce. These islands are treated just like any real estate ... it can be bought/sold, moved, etc. 

Oh, btw, this island was about 150 feet long and 30 feet across!


The face of this man was way too dark in the  original.  I used some new tools and technique to lighten it while keeping the rest of the image at the captured exposure?


And if you don't think it isn't hard work, check out this close up of the effort:


These men are fishing! They've put out nets and are striking the water with their oars to cause the fish to swim into the nets!


Since the only means of transportation is on the water, everyone, (young children, women, etc.) learns to handle a boat. These two women rowing home after a morning at the market are one example:


This is the best of the "found" images.  It's a Fisherman setting his net late in the PM. Fisherman in Inle Lake use a unique standing rowing style. Notice one leg is wrapped around the oar.  So he can row the boat while standing!  For sure, I would fall over board with in seconds.  In any event, this is rapidly becoming a favorite image.


That's it for Part 3.  Thanks for looking!




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